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Ready Roos provides childcare services in Cranberry Township with an emphasis on school readiness. Features early learning as the key objective during the program each day with a mix of activities focused on the health and wellbeing of each child as well as their foundational educational needs.

Why Ready Roos?

Early Learning Academy

'Docendo discimus - By teaching, we learn'
20510 Rt 19, Suite 106
Cranberry Township PA 16066
Hours: 7:30am - 6:30pm
(724) 591 8882
Daycare Center
Supporting young children to be bold, creative, curious learners.
Caring is better when done together.

You’re not alone when it comes to giving your child the best start to life.

Choosing a trusted partner for the care and education of your child is a big decision. You want someone who will love your child as much as you do and someone who is there for you every step of the way. Ready Roos is your partner! 

From preparing for your first day, to ensuring fussy eaters find food they love, you will feel supported every step of the way. Our partnership doesn’t stop at the end of the day. We’ll support you with advice and tools that enrich your child’s learning at home, ensuring they get the best start to life.

Be involved in your child's learning.

Saying goodbye when your child first starts at Ready Roos can be difficult. Of course, you want to know they’ve eaten well, rested peacefully and been cared for just like they are at home. Our aim is to connect with families, so we can partner with you as you're directly involved in their learning and growth.

Ready Roos has numerous ways to connect with families so you can see what your child is learning and have a voice in your child’s care. Through our updates with pictures and video via our center management app, you can rest assured that your child is progressing and being taught effectively. We want you to be as excited as we are about your child’s accomplishments and see the fun and progress they're making.
We don't want you to miss a thing!

Together, we'll ensure your child has the best start to life.

Like all parents, Ready Roos wants what is best for your child. We want you to be confident that your child is being nurtured, supported emotionally, mentally and physically. We strive to understand their needs to best support them and to grow and learn in a safe and secure environment. 

Our staff are at the heart of your child’s learning and development. The relationship between your child, your family and our staff is so important, so we do everything we can to attract and retain the best educators, caring, patient and nurturing team members.

Our staff are 
supported and provided with opportunities to grow, pursue higher academic qualifications and we provide the resources and environment to perform the work they love. The Ready Roos' team is valued, supported and empowered so that they can provide the best learning outcomes for your child. We regard you as part of our extended family and we welcome the opportunity to accept and understand your feedback, engage you in activities at our center and contribute to our shared success. 

Learning at Ready Roos.

A child is learning even though they seem to be playing. Our program supports a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor play time and our curriculum challenges our young learners to prepare them for their educational journey ahead. Play-based experiences support learning to allow children to become communicators, collaborators and friends. They're learning to become problem solvers and thinkers. 

We supported your children in their social and emotional growth; the foundations for language, literacy and numeracy are featured in our programs so that each child will develop skills that they'll use to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Our learning experience combines a contemporary, academic-based curriculum focus that encompassed an early education framework and aligns to PA state standards.

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