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Ready Roos provides childcare services in Cranberry Township with an emphasis on school readiness. Features early learning as the key objective during the program each day with a mix of activities focused on the health and wellbeing of each child as well as their foundational educational needs.


Early Learning Academy

'Docendo discimus - By teaching, we learn'
20510 Rt 19, Suite 106
Cranberry Township PA 16066
Hours: 7:30am - 6:30pm
(724) 591 8882

Our preschool children have strong early learning foundations and are pioneers of their own learning!

They show a natural curiosity in learning about numbers, letters and sounds that are found in our carefully planned environments.

They begin to interact with others with care, empathy and respect.

At this stage in their development, children are able to collaborate with their peers and research their own ideas.

Our focus is on academic foundations in math and literacy with daily opportunities for our children to experience learning that is designed to allow the children to move freely among exploration activities facilitated by our teaching team.


Children will learn about their own abilities and learning styles, how to get along with others, and how to appreciate other's contributions in classrooms that include a diverse set of materials and experiences.

Our educators intentionally plan activities which promote open-ended questioning, intended to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Building Social Skills and Independence

The age of 3-4 years is a time of big social and emotional development for your child, as you may notice they begin to develop stronger friendships with their peers.

At this age, children begin to speak in longer sentences and become more imaginative in their play, which sets the stage for more cooperative group play, often involving role play or complex fantasy scenarios!

At this age, children are really beginning to learn about their place in the world and their ability to influence things and people around them.

Our educators will focus on nurturing their individuality and building confidence, while also encouraging your child to build cooperative and respectful relationships with others.


Our Environment

Our environment is designed to equip your child with all the essentials they need to develop into a confident, school-ready learner.

With exciting learning experiences designed to build your child’s independence and encourage social interactions, your child will be supported by an educational program that is challenging, consultative and reflects each individual in the classroom.

Art Class

Dedicated time is planned for small group sessions which ensure that the individual learning needs of each child are developed.

Instructional time in small groups embraces hands-on activities based on identified individual needs of every child and assures these experiences encompass their interests, abilities and culture. 

DIY Cute Monsters

Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTs and Math are incorporated and encouraged within all activities throughout the day and provide the foundations of STEAM learning through the natural inquiry and exploration of the children. 

Our program includes intentionally-designed weekly STEAM activities to build scientific and mathematical concepts and gain confidence in the effective use of technologies. 

These enrichment opportunities support further academic growth and solidify a deeper understanding of important early critical thinking and reasoning skills. 

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